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Which Fitness Trends to Leave Behind in 2018 and Which Ones to Embrace  


8 simple habits to change for a healthier 2018


Getting back in shape in 2018? Great, but do it safely  


8 simple habits to change for a healthier 2018  


5 Ways to Make Smarter Food Choices Everyday  


Of Course Women Are Strong Enough To Race Against Men  


Eat this, not that. Holiday nutrition advice and recipes  


The bench myth: why resting athletes may not be as helpful as teams believe  


Essential oils to help reduce muscle soreness after a workout  


Too much sitting doesn’t cause weight gain, says study


Medical school aims to encourage healthcare careers with new high school academy  


Tech athletics ahead of game when it comes to mental health care  


SC State player’s collapse an important reminder for coaches, medical personnel  


Active Females: How Much Dietary Protein is Needed for Post-Exercise Recovery?  


5 can’t-miss strategies to keep your fitness goals on track this holiday season  


Tackling the Tough Question: Should you let your child play youth football?  


Sports medicine: Not just for extreme athletes anymore  


Competition increases risk when exercising in heat  


Stabilization is at the root of all exercise  


Is more protein better for muscle recovery? Not necessarily, researchers reveal  


ACL injuries in youth athletes raise fears of early arthritis, knee replacements  


California doesn’t regulate athletic trainers. Here’s why that’s bad for high school athletes  


Grain Bowls! Grocery Tours! Texas Is One of the Many Programs Upping Its Nutrition Game  


How to wake up your sleepy glutes and reduce the risk of an athletic knee injury  


Game of Life and Death: As concerns about CTE grow and players suffer from deadly disease, future of football looks bleak


Dietary Supplement Industry and U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Warn Consumers about Dangerous, Illegal Ingredients Known as SARMs  


Is Real Food Better Than Sports Nutrition Options for Recovery?  


St Mary’s Study Discovers Commercial Energy Drinks are Unlikely to Improve Exercise Performance  


5 Uncommon Supplements to Boost Your Power  


This Ketone Energy Drink Promises Superhuman Results—but Will It Work?  


Are Sports Supplements Safe to Use?  


Quinn on Nutrition: You are what you just ate  


Athletes Are Paying the Physical Price of Playing College Sports  


Can Teaching ‘Healthy Masculinity’ To Athletes Stop Rape?  


Do men and women need different sports nutrition?  


Top Sports Nutrition Expert Says It’s Possible To Be A High-Performing Vegan Athlete  


WellSpan study finds single-sport specialization at young age can increase risk of injury  


Superfoods for a healthy living  


How Much Water Should You Drink During a Workout?  


Can Science Solve Football’s Concussion Crisis?  


Gelatin: the sports world’s newest superfood  


Coach speak: the relationship between coaches and media


6 things dietitians do to avoid the office candy jar  


Sports Nutrition Expert Says: ‘It’s Possible To Be A High Performing Vegan Athlete’  


6 Foods Dietitians Refuse to Keep in Their Homes—and 3 of Their Unexpected Favorites  


Performance Nutrition Department helps all students reach health goals  


Team bonding in sports is breeding ground for infection  


Shaping the elite athletes of tomorrow: The science behind sports medicine  


Ways Exercise Helps Beat the Blues  


Here’s how to better protect high school athletes from injury  


New protein ingredient made of non-pasteurized milk is ‘biggest nutritional advance in the last 100 years,’ says founder  


5 simple things every athlete can do to stay healthy  


What to look for in a fitness professional  


Eat More Meat to Save The Environment


Sports and energy drinks can be serious trouble for kids, Miramichi doctor says  


Kids, Teens Need To Sanitize Sports Equipment Or Risk ‘Infections That Last Rest Of Their Life’  


Thermal imaging improves sports medicine and exercise research


Concussions an issue in more sports than football  


New Guidelines For Keeping Student Athletes Safe From Superbug Infections  


How Athletes Can Reduce the Risk of an ACL Injury


Finally, an Expert Tells Us Exactly How Often We Should Be Working Out  


Kellyanne Conway says sports and entertainment are becoming too politicized and ‘America is responding by tuning out’  


In wake of new research, brain expert says he doesn’t think children should play tackle football


Why You Need to Change Your Diet When You’re Injured—and How to Do It Right  


Yes, you can go vegan and get jacked. Here’s how.  


A simple, 15-second play by the Patriots shows their machine-like precision  


Girl soccer players are five times more likely to return to the game after a concussion than boys  


You should probably drink more water, but what’s the right amount?  


The Secret 6 a.m. Workouts That Propelled Tom Brady to His First Super Bowl Victory


Athletes Who Participate in Multiple Sports May Sleep and Feel Better Than Those Who Focus on Just One  


Gullixson: Time to change football as we know it  


Program aims to help instill healthy eating habits in youth


Column: There is no need to focus on particular body part when weightlifting  


Eller: Program shows youths how to train safely  


What to eat if you’re running in a marathon, half-marathon or fun run  


The One Time It’s Totally OK to Eat a Lot of Sugar  


Young athletes susceptible to opioid addiction


Why athletes and others need a nutrition check up


Nutrition, hydration lead to healthy sports season  


Bigger, faster, stronger: High school football teams zero in on weightlifting  


A triceps tear in the elbow can lead to permanent weakness. Here’s how to treat it.  


Down time beneficial for young athletes in training process  


You are what you eat  


The Incredible Hulk Really Wants to Be the Head of America’s Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition Council  


Expert advice: How coaches can help athletes eat right  


What Exactly Is A Wellness Coach?  


Stem cell treatments for youth sports injuries: Ready for prime time?  


Pediatricians Warn About Rapid Weight Changes in Youth Athletes  


Personal trainers trained to correct body imbalances, pains  


How Much Is Too Much Backpack Weight for Kids?  


Beetroot and Coffee: Football’s Nutritional Sports Science  


Little League is watching, but are parents? Here’s how to protect your child from overuse injuries.  


Why pre-exercise stretch routines don’t always work


How to avoid injuries during sport training  


ENDURANCE: Excel in events with good hydration, food  


Does It Really Matter Whether or Not Your Sports Drink is Organic?  


How peanut butter and summer school helped these football players get in shape


The predicament of a modern athlete  


This health drink is about to replace your coconut water  


The Best Energy Gels and Bars for Running and Endurance Training


How strength coaches can get in front of changes coming to the industry  


Proper eating habits can help young athletes on and off the field


Medical professionals say not enough information to connect CTE and Concussions–438886153.html  


It takes several generations to undo poor nutrition  


The Best Foods For Athletes  


Don’t Be Only A Meat Bag, Workout To Get Functional As Well  


Do You Really Need to Drink a Sports Drink?


Can young athletes eat themselves into bad health? Yes. Here’s what they can do about it


Avera Medical Minute AMcK: As athletes prepare for fall sports, hydration is key  


Can Sports Help Kids Manage Their ADHD Symptoms?  


Rising ACL tears raises alarms for high school trainers, sports medicine professionals  




Poor nutrition can hurt young athletes as they grow  


Has the time come when doctors prescribe exercises as medicine?  


How sports has changed men’s fashion  


Strength, conditioning coach advises precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses  



You Asked: What’s the Best Way to Rehydrate—Besides Drinking Water?  


Genetic testing: The new way to identify and train elite athletes?  


The Definitive Guide to Protein Shakes


10 Guidelines for Youth Strength Training  


Nutrition, health sciences offers free personal coaching program   


The 3 Sports Gels Our Fitness Director Swears By For Better Performance


Spore-Forming Probiotic May Reduce Body Fat and Improve Athletic Performance, New Study Suggests


Why we need to take the spiritual aspect of sports more seriously


Should your kids take a break from playing sports?


10 Guidelines for Youth Strength Training  


Nutrition, health sciences offers free personal coaching program   


The 3 Sports Gels Our Fitness Director Swears By For Better Performance


Spore-Forming Probiotic May Reduce Body Fat and Improve Athletic Performance, New Study Suggests


EXCLUSIVE: Trump Sacks Drew Brees And Other Athletes From Fitness Council


Can chocolate really help your workout?  


What athletes should keep on hand to stay healthy  


A popular pre-workout food may be the cause of some unpleasant symptoms  


A guide to prevent, treat and recover from a host of athletic injuries  

What I Wish I’d Known About My Knees  


Stocking up on nutrients  


Rethink your drink to improve nutrition and save money


These types of injuries are on the rise among children


Can high school coach registry be effective tool to protect kids from predators?


Injury rates in young female athletes may be underestimated    


How To Talk To Kids About Concussions (Without Scaring Them)   


What’s the Fix for Increasing ACL Tears in Kids?   


Why Do Football Players Use Straps When They Olympic Lift?  


Sports injuries more common to body parts unknown years ago  


Diet contributes 85% to athletes’ performance, says Sports Physician


Will the new Zero1 helmet solve football’s concussion problem?  


Optimum Performance: Are we pitching our kids into trouble?




Part of rehab after sports injury is taking time to recover  


New techniques shown to cut brain injuries among high school athletes


Sustaining your sport through nutrition simplicity


Should I let my child play contact sports?


Athletes with ADHD May Be More Likely to Participate in Team Sports  


Try these three crucial nutrition tips


For young athletes, water is best choice  


How much water, sports drink are needed during workout?  


Are sports supplements safe for student athletes?  


New technology to help prevent injuries for student athletes


New technology keeping Samford athletes healthy


Nutritional considerations key in preparing for your race  


Ketogenic craze is rocket booster for ingredient launch, says Compound Solutions  


Bill aims to protect athletic trainers when teams cross state lines  


The Most Common Athletic Injuries in Women and How to Avoid Them


Preventing Long-Term Complications of an ACL Tear


Program coaches the coach to keep young athletes injury free


Kobe Bryant, BodyArmor Launch Sports Drink’s First National TV Campaign


Study: 30 of 32 NFL first-round picks were multi-sport high school athletes


Study: 30 of 32 NFL first-round picks were multi-sport high school athletes


Rethinking the traditional Chinese stir-fry — with added nutrition


Coaches have role to play in athlete nutrition


Nuun Debuts Natural Endurance Drink Mix Based on the Latest in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology


Sports nutrition for the young athlete  


OIC Offers Tips to Avoid ACL Injuries Among Youth Sports Participants


Pre-sport physicals keep young athletes safe  


New research aims to educate parents and high school athletes about concussions


The Medical Minute: Water beats sports drinks for young athletes


Strength coach blends football, military background to toughen Pack


Resistance training safe for children: Experts


Intelligent Training: Building muscle—hypertrophy training for football


Why It’s Totally OK to Use Light Weights

Exercise and nutrition- It’s a marathon not a sprint


Skip the sugary water and make your own sports drink


Concussion-detecting robots: The future of sports medicine?


6 Tips for Dialing in Sports Nutrition Strategy for Endurance Events


NBA’s D-League partners with Gatorade

The NBA Developmental League won’t be called the D-League next season. It’s going to be the “G” league, because Gatorade bought the naming rights.


Athletic trainers give physical, emotional support




Tips to avoid spring sports injuries

Sports Medicine-Kids Specializing in One Sport at Earlier Age


Looking at nutrition and your well being


9 Foods You Should Eat During A Workout For An Energy Boost

Doctors aim to prescribe fewer opioids to young athletes

Physicians use different methods of pain management


Rothman study finds young athletes specializing at still younger ages

Coaches concerned because training and competing in one sport in the early years has been linked to a higher risk of injuries.


The New Performance Enhancer in High School Sports? Nutrition

“Schools are starting to bring in dietitians to discuss the importance of nutrition with young athletes


8 Game day Nutrition Tips for Young Athletes

Eating right on game day is your secret weapon for top-notch performance, whatever your sport.


Strength training: OK for kids?

Done properly, strength training offers many benefits to young athletes. Strength training is even a good idea for kids who simply want to look and feel better.


Is Strength and Conditioning Necessary for the Youth Football Athlete?

As more injuries occur in youth football, we have to ask if strength and conditioning could help prevent both the severity and frequency of injuries.


Use of athletic trainers on the rise in high schools

Aided by athletic trainers, high schools are stepping up to limit sports concussions

March 30, 2017