High School Football Coaching Jobs are Flipping Fast


cropped-LOGO.pngThe Page High School football team in Greensboro, NC has played in three state championship games and won a state championship title. However, this season is starting without a head football coach. He resigned to take a new high school football coaching position.

“Schools are trying to find the best coach they can for their school, and you can’t blame them for that,” said Doug Robertson, a local High school head football coach. “At the same time, you can’t blame a coach who’s been contacted by a team for talking to them.”

For some coaches, it simply comes down to money.

High school football coaching jobs in general has become a 24/7 year-round-type of job. If you’re not working in the off season, you feel like you’re falling behind and if you fall behind, your coaching job may be on the line.

In addition to coaching and teaching, paperwork has become a major burden on all high school coaches.  The list of forms they handle includes eligibility, residence, concussion, physical and participation fee. Some athletics directors handle some of that paperwork but the bulk falls to the coaches.

Many coaches also see the turnover in their profession in recent years as a symptom of a bigger issue: that not only coaches but teachers are not valued as they once.

With this increase in high school sports participation comes and increase in the need for qualified coaches and it’s not easy finding qualified high school coaches. That’s one problem. The other problem can be the frequency with which that task needs to be undertaken. And that’s not without even considering what the student athletes are going through. One AD describes the search for coaches is like fishing in a small pond without bait and a hole in the boat. There’s a lot of headaches and hope involved.

For the 4th consecutive year, hiring qualified coaches led the list of most concerning issues for high school athletic administrators. Nearly 92% said they were at least moderately worried about their abilities to find experienced coaches for their schools, and it doesn’t appear and easy solution is in sight.” State of the Industry Survey of HS athletic Directors Coach & Athletic Director Jan 2017

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Re Published from Joe Sirera and Spencer D. Turkin joe.sirera@greensboro.com spencer.turkin@greensboro.com

August 16, 2017