Finding High School Coaches Often Difficult, Sometimes Complicated


It’s not easy finding qualified high school coaches. That’s one problem. The other problem can be the frequency with which that task needs to be undertaken. And that’s not without even considering what the student athletes are going through, not knowing who was going to head the program usually close to the beginning of the season. One AD describes the search for coaches is like fishing in a small pond without bait and a hole in the boat. There’s a lot of headaches and hope involved.

“For the 4th consecutive year, hiring qualified coaches led our list of most concerning issues for high school athletic administrators. Nearly 92% said they were at least moderately worried about their abilities to find experienced coaches for their schools, and it doesn’t appear and easy solution is in sight.” State of the Industry Survey of HS athletic Directors Coach & Athletic Director Jan 2017

Until now; will forever change the process by which schools hire coaches and coaches find jobs and we are doing it, one school, one coach at a time.

We created Coaches Sports Center to address this issue directly and to improve and enhance the youth sports experience by giving every school, club and team the opportunity to hire the best available coach to mentor, teach and train our student athletes; and, to give every coach the opportunity to find a job where they have the support of the administration and the community to develop a winning program and be a positive role model for the future leaders of our nation.

Our website, is complete with customized coaches job board which we believe is the first and only job board exclusively for schools to post coaching jobs and coaches to find new jobs.

We stubbornly believe Coaches are some of the world’s most important, impactful people. They are entrusted with young lives, often spending more time with them than their parents and teachers do. Coaches lead youth athletes in developing their skills and psyches in settings that can offer crushing parental and peer pressure, with a stark line between success and failure, winning and losing on display for all to see.

“A Global Community of Coaches Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Edited and Republished from Adam Holt,

May 12, 2017