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We need a 64-team College Football Playoff to decide national champion


The Steep Price Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma And South Carolina Pay For Football

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Basketball Coach Grabs Wheel, Stops Bus After Driver Passes Out


How the NCAA Champion Forum shaped four of the College Football Playoff’s top assistants


Clemson pays assistant coaches top dollar, gets top results  


Gus Malzahn: Scott Frost ‘a great example for coaches in the future’  


College football playoff solution: Add one round, cut one regular-season game | Opinion  


Why an eight-team College Football Playoff could come to pass sooner than we expect  


Why College Football Means Big Business In Certain States  


Greg McElroy makes chilling guarantee for assistant coaches: ‘A very dark day is coming on Dec. 21’  


Media Circus: College Football Ratings Are on the Decline  


In Montana, all spectators are banned from watching high school golf  


College Football Random Thoughts From Around the Country: Coaches, the Money, and the Fear  


10 takeaways from the college football coaching carousel  


College coaches’ salaries increase despite threat of new tax  


The Best and Worst Hires From an Outrageous College Football Coaching Carousel  


How This Former Female Professional Hockey Player Is Disrupting Collegiate Athletic Recruiting  


Behind closed doors, good coaching candidates can fall flat in interview process


Like coaches, college athletes should reap benefits of postseason success  


Big-name coaches open up about college basketball’s problems and how to fix them  


For Herm Edwards to succeed at ASU football, local coaches say he must get ‘Arizona kids’  


STOVALL: Only loyalty student-athletes owe when choosing college is loyalty to self  


S.C. State player’s collapse an important reminder for coaches, medical personnel  


From Bobo to MacIntyre, McElwain to Saban, high-dollar buyouts are college football’s new game  


Are College Football Head Coaches Worth Their Massive Salaries?  


Highest-paid assistant football coaches: Worth it or overpaid?  


Why Changing the One-And-Done Rule Will Only Make Matters Worse for College Basketball  


College football player who punched his coach charged with felony assault  


Multimillion-Dollar Buyouts To College Coaches Not As Crazy As They May Seem  


For future NBA stars, college might be optional again


WATCH: College football player expelled after striking coach on sideline


Do great players make great coaches?  


How a *normal* college football coaching hire goes down, explained by an agent  


Marvin Bagley III Is the Unique Duke Star Coach K Has Been Waiting For  


How do we fix bigtime college sports? That’s a good question.  


Funding for sports programs at question in new tax bill  


Sixty-eight predictions for the new college basketball season that are sure to come true (unless they don’t)  


Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz ‘one of the best football coaches at any level’ according to MMQB’s Peter King


8th-grader a minimum 3 years away from college hoops signing


By adding sports like lacrosse or wrestling, small St. Louis area colleges getting bigger  


Florida’s collapse brings out ugly side of college football fandom  


Auburn coach Gus Malzahn: ‘More opinions now in college football than ever before’  


How much does coaching really matter?  


NCAA President Mark Emmert: ‘Fundamental change’ needed in college basketball  


Coaches are already annoyed about the first CFP Rankings before it’s even released  


What goes into deciding whether to change football coaches?  


15 college football coaches on the hot seat


9 of the oddest contract quirks for college football coaches


Pay For Play: How To End The Exploitation Of College Athletes Once And For All  


Harbaugh falls short of hype  


Which area college football coaches make the most money? Which ones are the best bargains?  


Second-year coaching turnarounds in college football  


5 ways to fix the NBA’s one-and-done problem  


Who needs helmet stickers? Sideline swag has become all the rage in college football  


Why the best young coach in college football may be this man, not Scott Frost  


President Trump releases petition requesting support on standing during the national anthem


Seven biggest disappointments from the first half of the college football season  


Former Minnesota athletics chief Joel Maturi says Japan can benefit from college sports overhaul  




NCAA grad transfer rule starts out as a positive but veers off course  


From trash cans to gold chains, how college football coaches are motivating players  


Coaches’ contracts worth millions … and nothing, at the same time


Blockbuster arrests not shocking to college hoops followers  


DePaul now has two commitments from eighth graders  


Andersen’s exit speaks to the pressure college football coaches face to win — and win fast  


Former College Basketball Coach Believes 40-50 Head And Assistant Coaches Could Lose Jobs Over FBI Investigation  


What coaches say must happen for the federal probe to incite meaningful change  


Mike Leach wants more teams in the College Football Playoff, but that’s a bad thing for the sport  


How college basketball’s massive scandal will completely change coaching market


Sneaker pimps make mockery of integrity at NCAA institutions   


Syracuse football coach Dino Babers talks paying players in wake of Adidas scandal  


College basketball cleanup needs to start at grassroots level  


Rick Pitino: ‘I’ll be vindicated’ in college basketball recruiting scandal  


Tom Keegan: Scandal can’t bring down college basketball  


Sports law professor tries to answer mounting questions about basketball recruiting scandal  


LSU fan starts GoFundMe campaign to buy out Ed Orgeron, and it’s hilarious  


Paranoia haunts cheating college basketball coaches more now than ever  


Ten Eye-Opening Stats From the First Month of the 2017 Season


FBI probe will change college basketball this season and for years to come  


Corruption Will Continue In NCAA College Basketball Until Schools Can Openly Pay Their Players  


NCAA Basketball Coaches Charged With Taking Bribes  


Forde-Yard Dash: Why aren’t college football players given opportunity to protest during anthem?  


Miracle on Ice, the sequel? U.S. Hockey confident they’ll contend for a medal without NHL stars  


Inside College Football: Internet giants could kick start next round of realignment  


It’s two different games’: Why college football is more fun than the NFL  


Meet the college basketball coach with more recruiting heartbreak than anyone


National reaction: Why some writers think Texas is ‘back’ after overtime loss to USC  


Arguments for paid college athletes are on the rise  


College football filled with too many mismatches  


Pressure to win comes early for some college coaches  


College football coaches are paid too much


Ch-ch-changes: NCAA rules that coaches would like changed  


BIG TEN SPOTLIGHT: First-year coaches create positive vibes  


Ohio State football is worth $1.5 billion – is that something to brag about?


College football coaches can say the most ridiculous things — as long as they win–as-long-as-they-win/2017/09/13/6827756a-989b-11e7-82e4-f1076f6d6152_story.html?utm_term=.7e6b678fcc22  


How young is too young in college recruiting?  


In college football, more is starting to feel like a lot less  


This may be the most bizarre college football play ever  


Police report indicates Joe Paterno knew of Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse allegations before 2001  


Norman Chad: The ills that still plague college football  


Chip Kelly sweepstakes: Where will the coach land next season?  


Candid Coaches: Who is the most powerful person in all of college basketball?  


Alabama coaches pay offers another example of college football insanity  


This year’s ‘guarantee games’ worth $150 million for college football programs  


Does college football need more coaches like Jim Harbaugh?  


Star system in college recruiting should be barred, says Chris Lillstrung


College Football’s New Secret Weapon: Coaches Who Don’t Coach  


Candid Coaches: Who are the high-major coaches who don’t break NCAA rules?  


NFL Coaching Great Teams Up With Baptist Seminary to Turn Inmates Into Pastors


College football coaches on the hot seat: Who is facing a make-or-break season?


The High Cost of College Sports  


Cards’ $160 million deal with Adidas one of the best in college sports  


Why Sydney’s top student athletes are looking at US universities  


The ugly truth about major college football  


Harbaugh and Saban overrated? Fear, loathing and cowardly coaches in college football  


Why Iowa can thank Sun Tzu for outproducing nearly every Big Ten program in NFL draft picks   


Technology helping football coaches, players make adjustments  


Clemson’s Dabo Swinney in favor of preseason college football games  


Plan of attack: How a college football coach game-plans  


Poll: Who is the best coach in college football?  


Oy, oy captain! Picking captains can give coaches headaches  


Candid Coaches: Revealing how many teams cheat, commit major violations


Josh Rosen is right – college football and school don’t mix


Numbers game: Analytics spreading through college football  


College football: Projecting the 2017 records of all 130 FBS teams  


New UNC Football Uniforms With “Jumpman” Helmet: Instant Recruiting Boost  


New book sheds light on issues in college sports  


Targeting: College football’s most hated rule here to stay  


NATHAN DEEN: Coaches can make media an asset rather than an enemy  


Big Ten coaches who stray onto the field to argue an official’s call will be penalized  


Wiedmer: Before long, college softball coaches will be recruiting day cares  


Ron Cook: The stress of coaching, and the pressure to win, sometimes can be life or death   


In college football, you can’t have too many assistant coaches




Louisville football coach Bobby Petrino on recruiting elem. students: ‘It’s a little comical’  


Nick Saban Has a Bold New Idea for How to Fix College Football   


CONSIDER THIS: Keeping College Coaching in Perspective   


Roundtable: Should Middle Schoolers Be Offered College Scholarships?   


Are you being conned by your protein shake?  


6 painful lessons learned from high school sports  


8 Simple Ways to Train, Eat, and Exercise Like an Athlete  


Why I Love Football: An emotional open letter from a college coaching veteran faced with a very difficult decision   


Ignorance is not a defense for college football coaches


Should you work out with your football team or a private trainer? Can they coexist?  


Pickleball rapidly gaining players locally and nationally   


Ignorance is not a defense for college football coaches  


Concern over star players skipping bowls hasn’t slowed among coaches, NFL execs  


Officials telling coaches ‘get back’ to the sidelines this season


SEC rule changes: Coaches who argue on field, players who run and leap risk penalty


Wouldn’t it be great if college football programs could do this?


Several SEC coaches facing questions about job security


GOLDMAN SACHS: There’s a fortune to be made analyzing sports stats


Mike McGovern: College transfer rules among the nonsensical


McMichael’s Marty Woods’ coaching is about more than just winning  


Ranking the best coaches in college football


When College Athletes Are Bullied By Coaches


NCAA mulling football season changes


Supreme Court decision to take on sports gambling issue might force NCAA to accept Las Vegas   


Title IX Celebrations Expose Inequalities In Sports For Women, Communities Of Color  


It’s Time To Dispel The Myth That Athletics Can Bankroll A College


The myth of the full ride: Why college scholarship dollars are hard to come by


NCAA rules committee will re-examine college football’s redshirt rule  


Ranking college football coaches from 1 to 130 for 2017 season  


Colleges are spending more on their athletes because they can


College coaches run free clinic to combine faith and basketball


College basketball ‘one-and-done’ rule may be coming to an end–52994526


College coach explains why Stephen Curry…


Pick 6: College football fanbases most cool with their coach


Inside College Football: Grad transfer rules may tighten — for players, of course  


10 Incredible College Football Uniforms for Basketball Schools  


Defiance College exercise science program recognized nationally




These famous actors would play your favorite college football coach in a movie    


Ranking the Best College Football Coaches Since 2000  


Which new FBS head coaches are most likely to succeed?   



Why SEC football coaches are unhappy with a new NCAA recruiting rule    



College Coaches Allowed At USA U19 Practices   


Scott D. Pierce: College football is broken — check the numbers   


College football coaches struggle with defending run-pass options   


College Football Playoff Executive Hints Coaches Are Against Expansion   


Which Big 12 coach is more likely to be unemployed at season’s end?   


11 college football coaches you shouldn’t fight


If you could change one rule in college football, what would it be?  


Coaches Learn What it Takes to Become a Marine Officer  


College coaching pays quite well


The sporting world needs more humble athletes   


First Kung Fu, then kickoff — college football team heads to China   


How is Ohio State football getting million-dollar coordinators at bargain prices?   


Past time for athletes to be accountable  


High-profile college football coaches place area players in high-stakes recruiting game  


College basketball will have no major rule changes


Be wary of recruiting rule changes


Can We Really Fix College Sports?


Drew Brees explains why he wants the NFL to adopt college football overtime rules


Past time for athletes to be accountable  


College Hockey Recruiting Process: 10 Things to Know


High school coaches rail against new NCAA rule   


Steve Spurrier would absolutely hate coaching in college football now  


David N. Camaione: Colleges spend too much on coaches  


To Arne Duncan, winning can’t be the only thing in college sports  


Can college football bowls be great again? Or do they need to be?


The NFL draft just drove another nail into the college bowl system’s coffin


Will more college football players skip bowl games? A new NFL-college divide emerges


The college football coach who made his own recruiting app


The NCAA just created a rule bad enough that Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn BOTH strongly oppose it


Former Purdue AD: College athletes get enough now, and maybe too much


New model could change college football recruiting landscape


The college football coach who made his own recruiting app


Social scouting: How NFL teams track prospects online


Viewpoint: Why cutting college sports programs hurts students  


College football: SEC commissioner doesn’t view parts of recruiting package as ‘healthy’   


Anecdotal evidence blocks medical marijuana use in college sports on a federal level


This young Arizona woman just made college football history


NCAA sending `get your house in order’ message to colleges about hiring high school football coaches


NCAA approves overhaul of college football recruiting, eliminates two-a-day practices


Breaking down the NCAA’s new recruiting rules   




College football: DI Council votes to eliminate football two-a-days  


NCAA might have moved up its recruiting circus instead of fixing a bigger problem  


Grip on Sports: NCAA always seems to be breaking the law of unintended consequences


Put me in coach: College to NHL is new norm for top players–College-to-NHL-is-new-norm-for-top-players.html?isap=1&nav=5071


JJ Redick calls for ‘getting rid of college athletics as we know it’


Jim Brown: Are college sports a winner for young athletes?


College Basketball’s Best Available Grad Transfers    


Monmouth would rather drop to Div. III than pay athletes


How to fix the NCAA’s student-athlete compensation problem


Is softball season the most grueling in all of college sports?  


An NFL draft bust’s new perspective: How Aaron Curry is putting lessons learned to good use

He’s using what he learned in the NFL as a coach at UNC Charlotte.  


Should Coaches Earn More Than College Presidents?

Throwing in the chair: The increasingly bizarre and sad legacy of Bob Knight and Indiana


What’s the secret to staying happy as a college football coach?


California measure seeks panel to protect college athletes


College athletes not likely to be paid anytime soon  


Can Las Vegas become a new destination in college football?  


The Case for Compensating College Basketball Players

These Are the Dirtiest Programs in College Basketball


Meet the college coaching lifer who once got Michael Jordan to visit his school by jumping in a puddle


College Players Not Ready for NFL


College basketball evolving into distinctively NBA game


Why do NCAA teams cut down the net after big wins?


Auriemma, VanDerveer differ on decline in female coaches  


Nike owner helps Oregon rise in sports world  


Possible scenarios for the future of US college sports 


5 College Basketball Players Who Could Become Household Names in March


What’s the matter with college basketball?


As NCAA money trickles down, even tennis coaches are out earning professors


When can Division I coaches contact athletes?

The NCAA recruiting rules around coach-recruit contact are written to protect student-athletes from getting too many calls and visits from coaches.


So you want to be a college football coach?


Social Media Is Changing College Football Recruiting

Players and coaches are given instant access in today’s recruiting world.


Frank Girardi’s path worth studying by younger college football coaches

College football coaches are a nomadic breed, leaving people and places they enjoy chasing paychecks and satisfying egos.

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