Brain Training for Athletes

Brain training

Soar to Success is brain training for athletes. It is a scientific method to prepare athletes for achieving success in sports, academics, their careers, and in their personal lives.  Our program has been designed by neuroscientists to release your brains’ fullest potential.


Every athlete knows that to compete successfully, you must use every ounce of strength and ability that God has given you. And yet, few can. We all have barriers to achieving our utmost, many of these barriers are sub-conscious. – Science has now developed a method for “Re-Mapping” our brain’s pathways to unleash our fullest potentials.


Soar to Success uses artificial intelligence to ensure that athletes train their brains to achieve success on the field and in life. – This is the higher Purpose and goal of all good coaches.


Soar to Success program is the result of a program developed between the University of Pennsylvania’s school of Positive Psychology and the United States Army’s Master Resiliency program.


This program was initially used by the military to offer pro-active treatment for PTSD, and for families with combat deployed service members.  85% of participants said they found themselves using skills they learned both on their jobs and in their personal lives. It teaches how to turn negative circumstances into positive thinking, activity, and results. Its goal is to learn how to handle difficult challenges in constructive ways; and to enable those that complete our program to teach others as well. – Soar to Success is founded on the conviction that people want to live meaningful and fulfilling lives; to enhance their experiences of love, work, play, and to inspire others.


Everyone should have this simple but profound wisdom. We are introducing it to campuses across the country. You can choose to take the course for college credit.


In whatever arena that you pursue success this training will make it possible for you to achieve much more.


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March 7, 2018