We created Coaches Sports Center to improve and enhance the youth sports experience by giving every school, club and team the opportunity to hire the best available coach to mentor, teach and train our student athletes; and, to give every coach the opportunity to find a job where they have the support of the administration and the community to develop a winning program and be a positive role model for the future leaders of our nation.


Coaches Sports Center: Our Story


Joe Heintz was my varsity high school basketball coach. He helped me through what no teenager should ever have to go through, losing his or her dad.

Attending my basketball games was one of my dad’s favorite things to do. I could always count on seeing him lean up against the wall of the gym cheering me on.

Coming off a great junior season I had thoughts of playing college basketball. I was primed to have a big senior year, but life threw me a curve. I had lost touch with my dad for the first time in my life. Instead of talking to him on the phone every night, I hadn’t heard from him in weeks.

I was about to quit the team until Coach Heintz sat me down before practice one day. He could sense something was wrong. I explained to him how my dad’s abrupt disappearance had been occupying my thoughts all season, which made basketball nothing more than an afterthought.

“I’m sorry to hear about your dad,” Coach explained, who didn’t quite know what to say. “Maybe you could use basketball as an outlet to forget about what’s going on in your life.”

It was sound advice, but I already decided to hang up my cons. But Coach Heintz was persistent. He continued on with a suggestion that would alter how I lived the rest of my life. “It would make your dad proud as hell if you kept playing basketball and turned this season around,” Coach Heintz said. “Maybe you keep your dad in mind for the rest of the year and play for him.”

Coach Heintz was there for me. He was more than my coach. He was my mentor, my role model. He taught me lessons that went far beyond the basketball court. Coach Heintz didn’t just teach the skills, and strategy within the narrow confines of basketball. No, instead he looked for opportunities where the more important life lessons can be taught such as mastering hardship, handling and rebounding from failures and setbacks, trusting your teammates, sacrificing individual needs for the benefit of the team, emotionally dealing with winning and losing, good sportsmanship, fair play, honesty, integrity, etc.

What coach taught me stuck.  It’s the reason I graduated from college and went on a career in broadcasting at CBS and NBC. It was my motivation for creating Coaches Sports Center.

Now schools can post their open coaching positions on our custom designed CoachesSportsCenter.com and we will market your jobs to our database of 100,000 coaches bi-weekly.

Coaches are not in it for the money. They’re in it for the kids. They play it forward. They will tell you about the coach that changed their lives. If it wasn’t for my “coach,” my life would have gone in a different direction. The truth is: Sports Coaches Shape Lives. It’s is our mission to give them every opportunity to do exactly that.


Paul Dobbs




July 28, 2016