Las Vegas charter school uses sports to reach students academically

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logoAs charter schools become more popular, Specifically, SLAM NV Academy specializing in Sports Leadership and Management have popped up around the country.

There is a real positive buzz in the air about SLAM just because there’s nothing like it in town said principal Dan Triana, who previously worked at several local high schools as both a sports administrator, coach and principal. The kids who naturally have a passion for sports tend to want to fall in line with one of these paths.

The schools are designed to jump-start students careers, and get them internship opportunities at health care centers and national sports franchises. We’ve been playing 2A teams … and we’ve been pleasantly surprised, said Littlefield, who coaches all of the basketball teams at SLAM.

Triana said that while it would be nice to have successful sports teams in the future, education is the main focus.

With the success of these charter schools specializing in sports leadership and management comes the need for more qualified coaches. Coaches who are focused on development off the field as well as on the field. This is the new challenge for athletic directors and it’s not easy finding qualified high school coaches. The other problem can be the frequency with which that task needs to be undertaken.

For the 4th consecutive year, hiring qualified coaches led the list of most concerning issues for high school athletic administrators. Nearly 92% said they were at least moderately worried about their abilities to find experienced coaches for their schools, and it doesn’t appear and easy solution is in sight. State of the Industry Survey of HS athletic Directors Coach & Athletic Director Jan 2017

Until now; is addressing this issue and will forever change the process by which schools hire coaches and coaches find jobs and we are doing it, one school, one coach at a time.

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May 22, 2017