So You Want to be a College Football Coach?


logoIf you still think college football coaches are overpaid, then step into their shoes on national signing day.

It’s the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Your season is dependent on a 17 or 18-year-old stud who you have befriended probably for at least three years. The recruit has attended every one of your school’s summer camps. He committed and then de-committed a couple of times, always tweeting his utmost respect and love for you and your head coach.

He has taken unofficial visits to each of your home football games. He met with your coaches and talked with other recruits. He tells you how great it would be to play at your school.

On your last conversation just before the dead period prior to signing day, he tells you that you’ve been more than a football coach, You are more like a father to him. He says he hasn’t made a decision and he’ll pray about it overnight to maybe hear a voice to guide him in the correct direction.

The next morning on a live ESPN shot from the recruit’s school when he makes his announcement. He praises your school and you by name and does the same for your rival. He starts to put on your school’s cap, then the cap of your rival.

And then he cuts out your heart. He picks the rival school.

You want to go postal on the TV you’re watching, just take a gun and keep shooting until there’s a pile of parts.

Your wife already heard the news and she’s moved with your kids to a local motel for the next couple of days.

Finally, you exhale and remember the recruit you lost has a 13-year-old younger brother who’s already 6-4 and 250 pounds and has been barred from junior high football for his vicious hitting.

So you find him on Twitter.  It’s never too early to think about your future… ”

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Edited and Re-Published from Ron Higgins, | The Times-Picayune

April 5, 2017