High School Coaches/Ad’s Get Financially Creative

High School Coaches /AD’s with Few Financial Options get Creative

cak5Male High School AD John Kelsey wanting to preserve the surface of his football field for the varsity offered Waggener AD Jamie Dumstorf to pay all expenses to host their freshman football game. Kelsey would pay all of the expenses and allow Dumstorf to keep the revenue from ticket sales and concessions. Dumstorf jumped at the opportunity and said he made about $3,000, the second-highest single-game revenue Waggener had during that football season.

High schools are becoming more and more limited in the number of sports, particularly at the junior-varsity level; they can support and are increasingly reliant on that financial support from parents and the community to operate those programs. That scares the hell out of athletic directors, who cite studies that show participation in high school sports may lead to better grades, higher attendance, lower dropout rates, improved career opportunities and increased levels of mental and physical health.

The misconception is that athletic departments have a budget to run the athletic programs, in reality they don’t have anything and have to go out and do it themselves. High schools are always in fundraising mode. The cost to compete keeps growing. Most schools don’t have the fan bases, booster groups and community support needed to fully fund athletic departments that receive little annual support from the district.

Some of the seasoned AD’s remember a time when fundraising wasn’t particularly necessary. When basketball shoes ran nothing close to $100, now a high school basketball team requires nearly $4,000 worth of equipment, which included shoes up to $200 per pair.

As for solutions, ADs say they don’t see many as long as budget cuts continue and attendance for basketball and football games stagnates. Many schools are developing alumni associations and calling on parents to become more involved with the hope of bringing in more revenue and having to pay fewer people to run concession stands and scoreboards.

Paul Dobbs


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December 13, 2016