Its Official, Texas high school football coaches kibosh Lane Kiffen from Houston job

Of all the crazy roller coaster rides in this college football coaching carnival, the most fun one comes from Houston. Alabama’s offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin was set to become the Cougars’ next head coach only to have Houston hire its own offensive coordinator Major Applewhite for the head coaching jobs a few days later.

There was one major difference between the two candidates: Applewhite had the support of the Texas high school football coaches. Kiffin did not. Texas high school football coaches bombarded the University of Texas Athletic Director. They said, ‘We want our players to play for Major Applewhite.’ Here’s a guy whose been on the big stage, he played quarterback at the University of Texas. He has a great relationship with the high school football coaches in Texas, Lane Kiffen does not. That was a major ‘X’ against Lane compared to Major. Continuity in the program. The recruits playing today wanted Major Applewhite. They let it be known. It was just one thing after another that it steamrolled to Major.”

And then there was this interesting nugget: Houston demanded that the team’s next coach agree to a massive buyout, so they couldn’t jump ship like Herman did? Well according to Houston boosters, it turned off some candidates, but it didn’t bother Kiffin one bit. Kiffin even told them to set up the contract however he liked.

So it leads to one, final, fascinating question. Was Kiffin ever actually offered the job?

According to an unidentified Houston supporter on the search committee the answer is no he was not.  “He was no closer than anybody else. Those were all put out by his agent, because that’s how they play the game.”

Paul Dobbs


January 10, 2017