Nick Saban: Football Coach Whisperer

logoIs Nick Saban is the best college football coach ever? It sure seems that way. He has built one of college football’s most impressive dynasties; Four national championships in the past seven years. He has achieved greatness at Alabama that will serve as the benchmark college football coaches in years to come.

The Gold Standard for College Football Coaches

He has also become a savior of coaching careers. With Lane Kiffin becoming Florida Atlantic’s coach and Steve Sarkisian’s hire as Alabama’s offensive coordinator, we are witnessing a new dimension to Nick Saban’s legacy.

The presence of Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian at Alabama and each coach’s rehabilitation represents a testimonial to Nick Saban’s football coaching genius. For all the talk of how to build a winning program and for all the discussion of following a proven path of success, Nick Saban has delivered results time and time again at the University of Alabama. He has continually reinvented his strategy to give his football team an edge in every season. That’s a mark of rare leadership.

A coach’s success can be measured in many ways: victories, championships, and a program’s growth under his guidance. Saban has achieved check marks in each of those boxes at Alabama. Those accomplishments alone would make him one of the sport’s best ever football coaches to walk the sidelines.

But the fact that Saban graduated from a master builder of football teams to the man behind the resurrection of two coaching careers deserves attention. The development shows Saban’s versatility as a leader and his ability to turn almost anything he touches into gold.

Alabama earned that reputation under Saban for a variety of reasons. But with the resurrection enjoyed by Kiffin and Sarkisian, we can gain a new appreciation for the Crimson Tide’s leader. Saban is more than a builder. His restoration work produces rewards as well.

Paul Dobbs

“Coaching tomorrow’s Leaders”

January 18, 2017