No Offseason: HS coaches could gain year-round control of athletes if AIA proposal passes

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cropped-LOGO.pngIt could happen as soon as the start of the next academic year if the Arizona Interscholastic Association votes yes on a proposal from state-wide administrators on giving high school coaches in all sports control of their kids in the offseason.

The proposed bylaw would no longer restrict the high school coach on what can be done in the offseason with their teams, with the exception in football. Football coaches still won’t be able to outfit their players in helmets and shoulder pads. But endless 7-on-7 games can now be ramped up.

Reviews on this proposal are mixed with some feeling it will lead to burnout and coaches hoarding athletes, while others feel it will curtail potential recruiting from other high school coaches and help in the battle with club coaches, many of whom believe the kids’ best interests aren’t being considered.

This may end up hurting multi-sport athletes. Unfortunately, athletes may feel they have to participate in out-of-season practices, instead of participating in another sport.

Unfortunately, naive parents are driving this new economy of experts – trainers, recruiting services, 7-on-7 coaches. Parents are being sold that this is what they have to do to get their kids exposure. This comes at the expense of the high school coaches who typically has the best interests of the student-athlete at heart. The question comes down to who is the better influence on the student-athlete? The club guy/trainer, who has a direct financial interest in that individual? Or the high school coach, who has a greater interest in development of the person?”

Many high school coaches’ feels there are some club coaches who are simply trying to make a buck off of a kid, whereas the high school coach can maintain an objectivity and realistic view for kids.

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Edited and re-published from Richard Obert , azcentral sports

May 8, 2017