Football Coaches Embrace Improvements in Technology

cak5It’s a great time to be a football coach. Sideline technology is constantly evolving and the latest developments allows teams the opportunity for immediate feedback from plays on the field, information that can be relayed to the coaches and team in time to make adjustments for their next drive.

In the past players and coaches had to wait until film study after a game or at the beginning of the next week to critique what went right and wrong.  Now with the tech available, you can see every alignment and adjust your offense and defense accordingly.

Easier for Coaching Kids

Now, when you see 15 or 20 kids huddled around a TV screen looking at the series they just played they can see their mistakes and they can get corrections and make adjustments for the next time they are on the field.

That simplicity also helps with college recruiting of high school athletes. Coaches and players would spend hours splicing game film for the best highlights from players to send to interested colleges. Now players have the ability to do it themselves easier.

Now it’s an arms race almost on the sideline because the teams that can afford it or the teams that can do it have that advantage and the teams that can’t and the teams that have the budgetary problems are in a bad situation because the rich get richer.

To compete with the top teams in your state you need to use that technology that is available. Coaches are always looking for that edge and the new technology offers coaches that edge. How much will the technology change in the future? Hard to say but as long as new ways to critique the game become available coaches are always going to be willing to see if that can help their teams win more games.

There’s still a lot of great coaches out there that don’t use any of this stuff, but I think the world of our student athletes has evolved in such a way that technology is mainstream in their off the field lives and applying current applications to the playing field just makes a whole lot of sense.

Paul Dobbs


November 21, 2016