Baseball Coaches have mixed reactions with new pitch count

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logoThis new pitching rule is a challenge for baseball coaches. It applies to modified, freshman, junior varsity and varsity, though the pitch counts differ for each level. For varsity players, a pitcher can throw a maximum of 105 pitches in a regular-season game. If he throws between 96 and 105 pitches, he must have four nights of rest before his next appearance.

A pitch count between 66 and 95 means three nights of rest, between 31 and 65 will issue two nights of rest and between 1 and 30 mandates one night.

The pitch counts increase for postseason games, to a maximum of 125 pitches.

Baseball coaches main concern with the new rules, however, vary anywhere from completing a normal 20-game schedule, to blow-out games between talented teams and ones that struggle.

One of the unintended consequences of mandating a pitch count is that small schools are going to find it very difficult to complete a 20 game schedule.  They have fewer arms. Another consequence will be that coaches may be putting kids on the mound that aren’t pitchers if they feel that the game is unwinnable. Teams may also look to reduce the number of games in future as any poor weather often results in teams playing four-to-five times a week by May.

The new rules will probably see more of an emphasis on baseball coaches strategy; when to take pitchers in and out of games, when to bunt, steal, pitch-out, etc.

Some coaches think the rule is overkill but it was put in because a select few coaches have overused and abused some of their pitchers. Teams are going to have to develop more pitchers especially at the smaller schools. If a pitcher throws 105 pitches in a game he will not be able to pitch until three days go by.

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April 3, 2017