How College Coaches Can “make it” in the NFL


logoDon’t reinvent the wheel

In the NFL, there’s no creativity in the offense. Every team runs a variation of the same offenses. Football coaches who executes with the right personnel raise the Super Bowl trophy. When a coach brings in some brand new offense into the NFL it gets solved in a heartbeat. Then 31 other teams will figure it out and your new offense is a bust. Steve Spurrier and Chip Kelly? As long as you adjust and utilize the talent around you then you will be alright.

Drill Sergeants don’t last long

Head football coaches are no longer viewed as task masters but chess players and managers of personalities.  If you’re gonna rip a guy in the NFL you better make sure you’ve got the respect of that player and the entire locker room. It’s the reason coaches like Bobby Petrino and Nick Saban failed. NFL players are going to get paid regardless. There has to be balance, you’ve got to manage the personnel and also help them get better.

Surround yourself with solid assistant coaches

You need smart coaches who have the experience to get the job done. If you’re a college coach jumping to the NFL, hire seasoned NFL coaches and support staff. You need a great scouting department. People you can trust to help run your team. And you will be successful.  So many college coaches make the mistake of doing it on their own. That’s proven to be the biggest mistake college coaches make. Nobody can sit back and tell you no. I believe that’s what did in Chip Kelly the most recent failed college coach to make the jump to the NFL.

Paul Dobbs

“Coaching tomorrow’s Leaders”


January 19, 2017